Ways to be different

Dowsett Rogers is a IT recruitment business who want to be different.

Our raison d'etre is to facilitate flexible working arrangements for the supply of quality contract IT workers, in the way that clients and contractors want to work.

  • Founded & run by IT contractors. We uniquely understand your needs.
  • Agile & open company. We are a responsive, agile operation.
  • Have no salespeople. No hungry sales person chasing you.
  • Pay same day. We pay immediately on receipt of signed timesheets.
  • Low & disclosed margin. One of the lowest in the industry and full disclosure.

We work for you

Dowsett Rogers is a specialised Information Technology recruitment agency owned, managed and staffed by IT contractors and management. The owners have 30 years combined experience in IT - selecting, hiring, managing, mentoring, training and retaining talented IT professionals. We have a unique insight and understanding from your side - the client and the contractor, rather than that of a salesman.

Our commitment to clients

We are committed to providing the service expected of a professional recruitment company while understanding the needs of the IT industry. Our experience allows us to deliver only information relevant to your needs and give you the best selection of skilled contractors. Save yourself time and hassle by leaving it up to our capable staff to find the best match based on your requirements.

Our commitment to contractors

Dowsett Rogers want to make sure that exceptional talent is exceptionally placed. Our role is to assist you, by allowing you to keep control of how you operate and being honest and open with our highly competitive margins. We pay you as soon as you hand in your timesheets, and we are always available to listen to your concerns. You will be treated with respect by understanding staff.